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About two years ago, a real acquaintance friend of mine introduced me to Lana Del Rey (Elizabeth Grant). My friend did it the same way she introduced me to that duo of girls Nanalew known for their revolutionized use of the song Sail. My friend simply shared Del Ray’s and I was hooked. I was hooked not because I felt Del Ray would be famous because I assumed she already was”famous” and I was just a late bloomer who was as out of touch as I have always been. I like remaining just shy of being in the lime light. Many of my old friends like Stacey Wiggins and Vincent L. Hall probably feared that I once wanted to hog up all the spot lights I could. Perhaps they were right for awhile but I soon traded in my hunger for the glare of popularity in exchange for the dim lights behind the stage.

Pop culture is changing and Del Ray is (as well as Nanalew (the girls in the video) uniquely apart of those changes. Somewhere while our backs were being turned from brick and mortar establishments and being replaced by the world wide networks of social media facsimiles and avatars gave rise to a new kind of popularity. Suddenly when we look and listen at a song or video we are directed toward the shadow play one creates of themselves. Del Ray seems to be asking the world to let her write music rather than create hits. She is on the cover of the ROLLING STONE and I like my friend who introduce me to her did did not like like her music for it popularity but rather its power. Power in the presence of a shadow is not that of a personality. Its a zombie of the author who remain hidden.

Awolnation’s song remains a favorite of mine but it is -represented by Nanalew not as the originators but as a parody on video making itself. If one studies Lana Del Ray one began to feel that something is missing. In the quest of reveal the real person behind the facade, traditional journalist find themselves ill-equipped to penetrate the person. They can not just walk away so they make up some characterization to sooth the masses. Its a old formula. Like my own where I figured the thing to do was to hog up the light, I was doing what I felt was expedient. 


Expedience will not enable us to penetrate the illusions of old. It often serves to alienate us from one another. There is a developing legion of artist on the rise who are divorcing themselves from the train wreak of lies. They are imaginative and re-imagining themselves. Folks are casting shadows of themselves (using found footage and clips of old movies). The collage is a favorite of mine. I intertwine myself while I borrow junk from various sources. I just now am ready began to figure out what I am saying back to me. Time will tell but I think its time we start calling fiends on face book facsimiles and let the Lana Del Rays of the world be….in time they will talk openly. I have not researched Nanalaw yet but I am willing to bet, they are as difficult to understand as Del Ray. I am glad to call my acquaintance who introduced me to them, my friend.In fact, I hardly know her.


Kaone Kario by Robert Grischek

(Source: continentcreative)

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